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If you're fed up with waiting for lady luck to shine down on you then it's time to do something about it, time to make your fortune come to you! Stop playing the waiting game and use your football knowledge and skill to put you in the money.   
Football betting has always been a popular game. So much so it's pretty much part of most football fan's match day routine – pint, pie and punt! But while your match day bets don't often reap massive rewards, there are plenty of football predictor games out there that come with big money cash prizes. And more importantly, some cost the same as your £1 National Lottery entry. 
Football betting comes in varying degrees of complexity. From standard pool betting and accumulator bets, to spread betting and Live betting - there is a game out there that is right for you. Read on for our guide to Football betting...  
Pool Betting 
This is when all bets are placed together into a “pool”. The amount of bets and the money at stake,   defines the pool total. The more people who play, the bigger the pool – but then the more winners, the less money you receive as the pool is shared.
The most well know “pool game” is that of the “The Football Pools”.... Cast your mind back over the years to your dad / granddad filling in the coupon ready for the “pools collectors” who called for your coupon every Friday.
Whilst the traditional method of playing the pools is in decline, the game has been revamped and launched into the digital world of “the internet”, with the likes of “The New Football Pools” (previously Littlewoods Pools) and “Vernon’s” – revamping the game and effectively bringing back to life. 
They take on the National Lottery in a bid to win your weekly £1 stake and certainly have a task on their hands, but for old times’ sake, have a go at playing the pools (much better odds than the lottery) and be part of the resurrection of a British institution!
Read Wikipedia’s explanation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pool_betting  

Spread Betting

Probably the most complicated way of betting (if you ask me...) and also the most difficult to explain! Unlike Wikipedia, where they will quite literally define, explain and give full examples of what spread betting is... WIWTL would like to give you an “idiot’s guide” to spread betting. 
In short, Spread betting is any form of betting money on the outcome of an event, but where you are paid out on the accuracy of your prediction / wager.
So in the case of say “who will win big brother 2012” – you would need to give specific details, usually backing the under-dog, such as “Joe Blogs to win, with 88% of the votes” rather than “Joe Blogs will win”, or “Joe Blogs will lose” (which is usually fixed odds or pari-mutuel betting)! You also bet on a range of outcomes – hence the “Spread” and the betting part is whether the outcome will be above or below the spread.
Confused...? You should be! Rather than listen to my attempt of explaining, why not visit the experts as Sportingindex.com 

Fantasy Football

One of the best Fantasy Football providers out there is you ask us! For the 09/10 seasons, the Telegraph are coughing up over £1.1million in prizes! Choose from “Fantasy Football Premiership” (Their main game) “Fantasy Football – Championship”, “Fantasy Football League One” and “Fantasy Football League two”.
The main Fantasy Football Game – endorsed by Alan Hanson, allows you to register your team for £6 (or two for £10) – with a budget of £55million to spend on your favourite team. Even better – if you open a Betfair account (their gaming provider), you can enter absolutely free of charge! Marvellous!  “Championship, “League One” and “League Two” games are all free to play.
Well, if anyone were going to get it right – it should be the premier league… And, they have!  OK, so its not the best FF game out there but its certainly up there and brings a few unique qualities to the game that others have missed. The Premier League version is actually the biggest fantasy game in the world!  They offer “money can’t buy” prizes such as their 1st place prize, which consists of a VIP trip for two to a Barclays Premier League match (the identity of which is determined by The Premier League) featuring a team of the successful player's choice.
The Winner’s Prize includes travel, two nights' hotel accommodation, two match tickets, pre-match meal and £250 spending money. It’s free to enter and you can even manage your team on your mobile. Your squad consists of 15 players, but you only earn points for 11 players each Game week, with a bench of players for emergencies. Budget is a whopping £1million  
“Pick The Score” - the Guardian’s Fantasy Football Predictor game, is solely based on The Premier League. The game is free to enter, and offers £50k in prizes! You get to pick 15 players (11 first teamers and 4 substitutes) – within a budget of £100m. What’s great about the Guardian’s Fantasy Football offering is that you can invite your mates to play with you in what’s known as a “friend’s league”.
It’s essentially a “private league” where you can take on friends and colleagues. There is no limit to the amount of “mini leagues” you can join/set up – but there aren’t any prizes on offer, so no need to go mad!  

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