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Lotto opportunity knocks

Whether you've had a big win on a scratch card, at bingo or on the National Lottery itself, we'd love to hear about it. Perhaps it's your first ever win or maybe you're on the biggest lucky streak of your life. Are you planning on jetting off to somewhere exotic or perhaps you quite fancy revving the engine of a brand new car. Either way, share the secrets of your success with us by simply filling in the form below. Here's a few people who did just that.

D O'Brien win £16,491 for 4 numbers on Littlewoods Lotto 4!

Forget about winning about a hundred quid for 4 numbers, one lucky London-based player scooped over £16k for predicting 4 numbers on Littlewoods Lotto 4!

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Posted by: Editor Vicki

From: Stockport, Cheshire

No English Football doesn't stop the winning on Classic Pools!

Just because there isn't any English football currently being played doesn't mean people aren't winning with football predictor games!

Why, just a few weeks ago not one but two told us their stories about their massive £50k+ wins on The New Football Pools Classic Pools game. 

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Posted by: Editor Vicki

From: Stockport, Cheshire 

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