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Lotto opportunity knocks!


Lotto opportunity knocks              


Say the word lottery and you instantly think of The National Lottery. Now 14 years young, The National Lottery remains a firm household favourite with millions of UK residents pledging their £1's every Wednesday and Saturday. All, me included, share the same dream - to watch as one by one their six lottery numbers roll out of Guinevere, Arthur or Lancelot.


However as hard as we picture it, for the large majority the win only ever exists in our heads – not surprising when the odds are approximately 1 in 14 million! So perhaps it's time to branch out into the extensive world of other online lotto games because, believe me, they are there in abundance.


OK so none can match the millions The National Lottery has up for grabs but they do still have fantastic prizes with much more appealing odds. When you consider people have won nearly £4,000 for matching just 3 lotto numbers or up to £25,000 for 4, perhaps it's not so much of bad thing to compromise that dream lottery jackpot in search for something a lot more likely.


We highly recommend checking out www.thelotter.com where you can literally play EVERY lottery around the world. Click Here to read all about TheLotter.com and what they have to offer....





Increase you chance of winning with E-Lottery Syndicate

Other than a magic wand or spending your hard earned cash on lottery tickets (which I don't recommend you do by the way) - how else can you improve your chances of winning...? 

Well, here’s an idea... Ever thought of joining a syndicate?  And I don't mean you, your mate and the bloke next door.  I mean a real, regulated syndicate!  We've done the research for you, and would like to recommend E-Lottery Syndicate. Click here to read more... 




 Not quite ready for branching out into the unknown world of "lotteries"? Want to stick with what you know?  Click here to read more on The National Lottery and to get your weekly "Hot Picks" fix


The Irish Lotto - MyLotter

 The "Irish Lotto" is brought to you by MyLotter.com.100% genuine Irish Lotto.

None of this "based on the outcome of"...

This is the real deal. Lucky clover's at the ready, its time to have a tipple on the Irish Lotto.

Choose your numbers, or select lucky dip

Choose One time bet or Multi Draw 

Pay in advance for multi savings. 

Average jackpot €3.5million 

Wed and Sat draws

Over 300 million Euros paid out


Florida Lotto - MyLotter.com 

The "Florida Lotto", brought to you by MyLotter.com, is the official lottery for the state of Florida. 

View your official ticket online - A unique service by theLotter, which enables customers to see a scanned copy of the ticket, purchased on their behalf from an official Lottery Retailer. 


Play from as little as $1 / £1 

Buy one ticket, get another free.  

Pay in advance for more drawings and get greater savings.  



El Lotto - The Football Pools

location "Lotto", brought to you by "The New Football Pools", is a lottery based on the outcome of the National Lottery.

Choose your numbers or play luck dip. You can also play up to 20 draws in advance. 

Up to 3 times bigger payouts than the National Lottery

Pick 1 number and win up to £10

Pick 2 correct numbers and win up to £80

Pick 3 numbers and win up to £1,800

Pick 4 numbers and win up to £15,000 


Spanish Lotto - Paddy Power

locationThe "Spanish Lotto - 6 ball", made available to you by Paddy Power, is a by-weekly draw, based on the Spanish Lotto.

Pick up to 5 numbers to appear in the 6 or 7-ball draw - you win if all your chosen numbers are drawn. The prize amount they pay stays the same no matter how many winners there are! 

Pick from 49 numbers 

Match 3 to win £560 

Match 5 to win £125,000 

Pick your own numbers or choose lucky dip 


The New York Lottery - Ladbrokes

Fancy trying your luck on something a bit different?

Ladbrokes offers betting at fixed odds on the numbers drawn in the New York Lottery. Drawn by-weekly, just think how many "Big Apples" you could purchase with your winnings! (Sorry).


Wednesday and Saturday draws 

Pick from 59 numbers

Match only 2 to win £75

Match 5 to win £150,000  



Singapore Lottery - Gala Bingo

locationFancy a flutter on the "Singapore Lotto"? 

With Gala Bingo, you can have a go at predicting the "winning"  numbers on 9 lotteries from around the World, Singapore, Germany and Greek Lotteries but to name a few.  As Gala would say - "It’s a lottofun"!

Singapore Lotto

German Lotto  

Greek Lotto 

Hong Kong Lotto

French Lotto




Canada Lucky No's - Paddy Power

locationCanada "Lucky numbers", is based on the Canadian Super 7-lottery draw and brought to you by Paddy Power.

The draw takes place every Friday evening Canadian time.
UK citizens can bet with Paddy Power, up until 10.00pm GMT.

7 balls are drawn from a total of 47

Paddy Power clients can bet on any 1,2,3 or 4 numbers drawn

Maximum payout is €50,000 or currency equivalent

All Lottery bets are based on numbers drawn in Canadian Super 7 main draw



The Postcode Lottery

The People’s Postcode Lottery supports the work of worthwhile charities right here in England – so every time you play, local charities are all winners.

Every month, proceeds are shared out between charities in the North East and Yorkshire.

Win £25,000 tax free

Support your local charities

A ticket costs £2 a week, with four to five chances to win each month 

It quite literally is a "Postcode" lottery, drawn at random from postcode entries

Monthly prizes from cars to TVs